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current situation and developing trend of welded steel mesh in china

It is the tide of the world’s welded steel industry to apply welded steel mesh in the process of welded steel construction. Welding is not only a new type of structure material with high performance, but also a high-efficiency construction technology. Therefore, in the field of welded steel construction, welding is a fundamental shift from manual operation to factory mode and commercialization.

Welded steel mesh, as a new mode of steel distribution, is featured by improving project quality, simplifying construction, shortening working days, saving steels, cutting cost, etc. It is especially suitable for a big concrete construction project.

The prompt application and extension cold-rolled ribbed steel bars and Grade ?hot-rolled steel bars have created favorable material conditions for the development of welding net in China. The implementation of standard and regulations for safe use of welding net products has played an active role in improving the quality of products and promoting the application of welding net.

At present, the application of welding net in china is in the preliminary period and still has a long way to go compared with some developed Western countries. However, china has a great market potential for welding net. Some design institutes and construction units have gained a great deal of experience. Moreover, many big companies have set foot on this field. Welding net has been widely used in some areas and has yielded highly desirable results. While promoting and applying welding net, it is better to start from easy projects to hard ones and follow the sequence as floor-roof-ground-wall-road-pipeline-aqueduct-dam-airport. Meanwhile prepare for trying out the application of pole components.

Welded wire mesh has aesthetic values and is widely loved by people, so it possesses an admirable market. In the field of fence industry, it is common to make welded wire mesh into wire mesh fence or palisade fencing. Besides that, welded wire mesh is widely used in the field of exhibition, storage and furniture, etc. For storage, the main products are archives and warehouse. While for furniture, the main products are welded wire mesh furniture and accessories of other kinds of furniture. Obviously, welded wire mesh has been more and more competitive in the market.

The development of welded steel mesh has obtained hard and soft conditions in China. Policies for promoting welded steel mesh have been successively stipulated by Ministry of Construction. Homemade GWC welding machine has sophisticated technologies and stable operations. Moreover software of welded steel mesh working design has been successfully accomplished. All of those mentioned above have laid a solid foundation for the development of welded steel mesh in China.